People with dyslexia have difficulty reading and/or spelling. Dyslexia is a complex language problem that is not only limited to severe reading and spelling problems. The symptoms of dyslexia are age-dependent and vary from learning problems to socio-emotional problems. Dyslexia is congenital and can not be prevented. However, we can help minimizing the severity of of the effects dyslexia.


The treatment of dyslexia is always tailor-made and consists of different techniques. During the treatment, the Logo & Co dyslexia specialists work together closely with organizations specialized in dyslexia or your child’s teacher. If you are unsure whether you or your child might be dyslectic, please request an assessment or ask our advice. If dyslexia is detected at an early stage, it is more likely that its severity can be reduced. Moreover, through early treatment of dyslexia  a lot of frustration and insecurity can be avoided. This treatment can only be provided in the Dutch language.

English speaking children

Logo & Co offers, as one of few practices, treatment of speech and language disorders in English by a native speaker.

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