Logo & Co:

an all-round practice for speech and language therapy and dyslexia for children and adults.

Logo & Co examines and treats language, speech, voice, hearing and/or eating and drinking (swallowing) disorders. But Logo & Co is more. We are specialized in treating dyslexia. In addition, we offer treatment of speech and language disorders and dyslexia in English. One of our therapists is a native speaker of English.

Our practice offers a stimulating, safe and comfortable environment Logo & Co prides itself for its knowledge, expertise and broad scale methods and materials used. Four experienced specialists are always available to assist you and your child in any way they can.

Logo & Co is based in Bunde (town of Meerssen) and treats children as well as adults from the South and Central Limburg area. Our practice is conveniently located and offers sufficient parking. Moreover it is situated directly across from the bus- and train station.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



Spoorstraat 33
6241 CL Bunde


06 – 55 98 73 73
06 – 25 58 52 16



Openings hours:

Ma 08-21.00u
Di 08-18.30u
Wo 08-18.30u
Do 08-21.00u
Vr 08-18.30u