Speech & Language Therapy

Proper communication is often taken for granted. Only when problems arise do we notice how important proper communication is in everyday life. We communicate every day and everywhere: at home, at work, at school. Sometimes, however, communication problems arise.

Some examples are:

  • language
  • speech
  • voice
  • hearing
  • eating or drinking (swallowing)
  • reading and spelling
  • oral habits

Logo & Co examines and treats children and adults with speech and language disorders to improve communication and the quality of life.


The treatment of speech and language disorders is expertly tailored to the needs. Exercises and specific techniques are supplemented with expert advice and special resources. Logo & Co has extensive experience and offers a wide range of methods and materials. The development of the child in totality is of utmost importance. We provide a safe and relaxed environment to achieve the desired results. The environment plays a key role in the treatment and we always take your needs and wishes into account.

English speaking children

Logo & Co offers, as one of few practices, treatment of speech and language disorders in English. 

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